We Buy Tradelines

Cardholders can make anywhere from $75 to $350 for each person they add as an authorized user to their credit card, and each card has anywhere from 3 total available slots up to 8. That means on average you can make upwords of $1500 per month, PER CARD, depending on the credit limit and payment history of the card they hold. The smallest amount made by a Cardholder in 2013 was 4,800 and our highest paid Cardholder made $85,000 for the year. The more cards a Cardholder has in our program, the higher the limit and the longer the payment history, the more money they can make. In some situations, we will consider paying a higher premium for cards that have exceptionally high limits and age.
  • A Cardholder must have at least one credit card with a perfect payment history (No late payments).
  • The credit card must be at least a year old.
  • The Cardholder must always maintain a balance of less than 12% on their credit card(s).
  • The Cardholder must be able to add someone to their card as an authorized user within 48 hours of email notification that they have a new client.
  • ​Citi Bank
  • USAA
  • Bank of America
  • Capital One
  • Chase
  • Barclays
  • Federal Credit Unions
  • Wells Fargo
This program is absolutely FREE to Join! The way we see it, you've already done the hard part by maintaining good credit for so long! As long as you qualify with a credit card that has never had a late payment, you may start earning a solid income as early as this month! To maximize the benefit to our credit beneficiaries, we require credit cards enrolled in this program to have at least six months of perfect payment history and less than 12% balance. Contact us today to see how much you can make with your credit cards!